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Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the Fifth Annual National Black Student Union Conference is issued in order to get 100% participation. During this time, students will have the opportunity to participate in planning sessions and workshops to assess and strengthen their respective BSU’s. Students are encouraged to select topics from the following areas.

A. Undergraduate Research
B. Graduate and Professional Studies
C. Careers in the Private; Public; and Not for Profit Sector; Internship Exposure
D. Selected Aspects of the African American Community:
     i. Economic Development
     ii. Politics
     iii. Religious Institutions
     iv. Cultural Institutions (Art, Dance, Drama, Theatre, Music, etc.)
     v. Social Organizations (NAACP, Urban League, OIC, etc.)
     vi. Other
E. Study Abroad Initiatives and Experiences
F. Volunteerism and Service to Communities
G. Best Practices by Your BSU
     i. Assistance with Pre-College Programs
     ii. Assistance with Recruiting Students
     iii. Initiatives to Improve Campus Climate
     iv. Hosting Cultural Events
     v. Helping to Retain Students on Campus
     vi. Other
H. Selected Aspects of Your Campus
     i. The Gospel Choir
     ii. Homecoming/Alumni Reunions
     iii. Endowed Scholarships
     iv. Sororities & Fraternities
     v. Linkages with Multicultural Groups
     vi. Other