Starting Your Own BSU

Black Student Union Constitution


Article I: 

The name of the club shall be Black Student Union.

The purpose of the club are threefold:

  • To increase awareness and appreciation for African American issues, history and culture among the student body at Redmond High School. 
  • To create a clearer identity and opportunities for involvement in the life of the high school for African American students. 

Article II:

Membership: Any student currently a member of the Associated Student Body of Redmond High School may join.

Officers: By the fourth week of the new school year, members shall nominate club members for the following positions: President, Vice President, Public Relations, Advancement Officer. No person shall hold more than one office. Elections are held by secret ballot. A simple majority is required to elect an officer, provided that there is a quorum. 

Officers shall serve for the school year, and, if possible, until a new officer is elected the following year. In the case of a vacancy occurring during a term of office, an interim officer will be appointed by the remaining officers in consultation with the club advisor. 

Officers shall perform the following duties and meet the following requirements:

  1. President (must be a Senior at the time of election):
    • schedule and chair meetings
    • coordinate cabinet, activities and lead club
  2. Vice-President (must be a Senior or Junior at the same time of election):
    • Chair meetings in President’s absence
    • Chair the Orientation Committee
    • Serves as Club Treasurer
  3. Public Relations (may be a Sophomore, Junior or Senior at time of election and must have strong writing skills):
    • Acts as Club secretary during meetings
    • Communicate regularly via school newspaper, weekly bulletins, website, parent communication vehicles, etc. the goals, activities and issues of the club.
    • Chair the Publicity Committee
  4. Advancement Officer (must be a Junior or a Senior at the time of election):
    • Arrange for guest speakers
    • Work with the RHS Career Center Specialist to arrange campus visits, job shadows, etc.
    • Conduct research on scholarships, grants and other post-secondary opportunities and communicate them to club members

Article III:

An ASB representative shall be appointed by the BSU Cabinet, in consultation with the Advisor, whenever possible prior to the first general ASB meeting. The duties of this representative shall include

  • attendance at all ASB meetings
  • presenting club issues or concerns to the ASB Executive Board
  • giving the ASB report at club meetings

Article IV:

The Black Student Union shall be supervised by Redmond High School staff member at all times. The advisor’s primary function is to support the students and to approve all proposed activities taken before the student council or the school administration.

Article V:

A member may be expelled from the club for violating any major ASB regulation or major school or district rule.

Article VI: A quorum shall consist of 1/3 of the club membership. A quorum is necessary to make any major decision that will have an impact on the club’s finances or leadership.