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Institutional Membership enables the Office of National Black Student Union to: maintain a baseline administrative operation, planning, public relations/marketing and the website, www.nbsu.org, that networks Black Student Unions across the United States. 1. Institutional Membership may Network link: (www.nbsu.org) 2. Institutional Members serve as co-conference coordinators, speakers, moderators, and performers. 3. Institutional Members pay a differential registration fee for annual conference. 4. Institutional Members’ support provides a foundation for hosting: The Annual NBSU Conference The Annual NEON Corporate & Graduate School Fair   Register your institution...

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The NBSU conference is a comprehensive forum that connects students socially, politically and culturally. It is a chief vehicle for students to recruit, retain and graduate their peers on their respective campuses’. Annual conference provides opportunities in: 1. Personal and professional development. 2. Exposure to graduate and professional studies 3. Networking with Black Student Unions across the country Please note: The conference registration fee is $225.00 for each participant. The conference registration fee for Institutional Members is $200 for each participant. Please register only on the conference registration page. A state rate of $104.00 per night, single or double, has been secured at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort (847-634-0100) which is 19 miles from Chicago O’Hare Airport. As in the past early registrants and Institutional Members receive priority consideration for serving as speakers, moderators, cultural performers, etc. All campuses are asked to participate in “the BSU Best Practice Sessions.” The BSU Best Practices Sessions highlight a project that you have completed and/or a project that you plan to implement. All BSU Advisors are encouraged to participate as presenters or moderators in the BSU Advisors’...

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2013 NBSU Conference

2013 NBSU Conference

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