National Black Student Union
16th Annual NBSU Conference, November 15-17, 2013
Lincolnshire Marriott Resort, Lincolnshire, Illinois

The Office of NBSU

            The Office of National Black Student Union, NBSU, is organized exclusively under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, was incorporated in the State of Wisconsin. NBSU is formed exclusively for the purpose of working with Black Student Unions and to enhance the quality of life for Undergraduate College Students: Annual Conference; Quarterly Seminars; Newsletter; Undergraduate Research; Graduate/Professional Study; Study Abroad; Public, Private, Not-For-Profit Employment (NEON Corporate Fair); Center for the Study of Black Students (Archives, Publications, Websites).

Office Staff of National Black Student Union

  • Roger L. Pulliam, Ph.D., Senior Faculty Advisor and Founder
  • Richard C. McGregory, Jr., Ph.D., Director, Center for Study of Black Students
  • Erica I. Daniels, Administrative Coordinator
  • Rita A. Pulliam, Coordinator, Conference Hospitality
  • Darnell Malone, Webmaster
  • J.B. Elzy, Ph.D., Photographer
  • Janet Elzy, Photographer

Faculty Advisory Committee
Office of National Black Student Union

Roger L. Pulliam, Ph.D.
Senior Faculty Advisor & Founder
Assistant Vice Chancellor Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Marilyn Irving, Ph.D.
Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
College of Education
Howard University

Emanuel Newsome, Ph.D.
Senior VP of Student Affairs Emeritus
Distinguished Prof. of Education
Florida Atlantic University
Richard C. McGregory, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Multicultural Affairs & Student Success
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Paul T. Spraggins, Jr., President
NEON Corporate Fair

Monica Kelsey-Brown, Ph.D.
Milwaukee Public Schools
Darian Snow
Program Advisor
Blackhawk Technical College

Yolanda McGowan-Harris, J.D.
Legal Counsel
Department of Regulation & Licensing
State of Wisconsin

Henry Frierson, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies
University of Florida

Dennis M. Baskin, Ph.D.
Director of Educational Services
Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Ira A. Rutherford, M.S.
President & Founder
Rutherford Group
Flint, Michigan

Nicole Bronson, Ph.D.
Research Analyst
Department of Health
Los Angeles County

Goldy Brown, III
Beloit Public Schools

Tiffany Prather, PsyD
Milwaukee Public Schools