17th Annual NBSU Conference, Nov. 21-23, 2014

November 21-23, Lincolnshire, IL


The NBSU conference is a comprehensive forum that connects students socially, politically and culturally. It is a chief vehicle for students to recruit, retain and graduate their peers on their respective campuses’.


Annual conference provides opportunities in:
1. Persononal and professional development.
2. Expsoure to graduate and professional studies
3. Networking with Black Student Unions across the country

As in the past early registrants and Institutional Members receive priority consideration for serving as speakers, moderators, cultural performers, etc. All campuses are asked to participate in “the BSU Best Practice Sessions.” The BSU Best Practices Sessions highlight a project that you have completed and/or a project that you plan to implement. All BSU advisors are encouraged to participate as presenters or moderators in the BSU Advisors Forum.