BSU Advisors’ Forum

The BSU advisor provides the oversight and continuity for the BSU to maintain high educational standards.

The BSU Advisors’ Forum will enable new and continuing BSU advisors to examine the potential of BSU in student: academic achievement; pre-professional development; community and civic pride.  Advisors will have the opportunity to network for professional development; doctoral degree attainment; staff/faculty; administrative appointments.

Continuing BSU advisors will present a case study of the impact and success that they have observed within the BSU on their campus.  An assessment of these case studies will be reviewed and factors that should be considered to further develop respective BSUs will be proposed.  New BSU advisors will be introduced to a plan of operation with the potential for advising success.

BSU advisors will be encouraged to chart future directions for student achievement:

  • Implementation of campus climate study
  • Student achievement by cohort tracking
  • Engaging students in study abroad and undergraduate research
  • Hosting travel study programs
  • Traveling across America initiatives
  • Hosting pre-college programs
  • Networking with African American professional organizations