National Black Student Union
12th Annual NBSU Conference, November 20-22, 2009
Lincolnshire Marriott Resort, Lincolnshire, Illinois

The High School Black Student Union

            The unrest and protest of the 1960’s was not relegated to colleges alone.  The high school Black Student Union is a sibling to the Black Student Unions that are a mainstay at a majority of the predominately white public and private colleges and universities in America.  The activities of Black Student Unions at these institutions parallel activities of the high school BSU.

Today as in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, we have every reason to believe that high school Black Student Unions can: play a role in the development and implementation of the school operation by assisting in school management; provide a training ground for developing leadership; develop attitudes and practices in good citizenship; provide a medium for African American student expression; promote the general welfare of the school.

            During the past three years, a number of high school advisors to African American student organizations have been in contact with the Office of National Black Student Union about information on high school Black Student Unions.  Based upon the doctoral work of Pulliam (1973), Black Student Organization: High School Involvement and Participation, University of Michigan, a modified document has been created, Developing a Black Student Organization. To establish a network among other high school Black Student Unions we asked you to fill out a Response Form.